About Me


Hey, my name is Helge Sverre and I'm a partner and developer at Guilty AS, which is a design and web development firm in Bergen, Norway.

My speciality is SaaS applications and Backend development, my back-end strengths are PHP using Laravel and Slim Framework, C# with ASP.NET MVC, my frontend strengths are Vue.js 2, jQuery, Angular (1 & 2), for styling i primarily use Sass and Bootstrap with Gulp or Laravel mix (webpack wrapper).

In my spare time I like to work on personal projects, contribute to open source project and occationaly release my own products, you might also see the occational blog post on web dev.

You can find a list of products I have released on my products page.

I also have a fascination for information security, mainly web application security and reverse engineering of network protocols and games, I have an understanding of core networking concepts as well as some basic assembly language knowledge.

My goal is world domination.