About Me


Hey, my name is Helge Sverre and I am a professional developer working for Guilty AS in Bergen, Norway.

I've got both backend and frontend skills and look at myself as a fullstack developer, on the backend my primary strengths on PHP with Laravel, Slim Framework, and C# with ASP.NET MVC, on the frontend I am most familiar and comfortable with AngularJS (1.x), Vue.js and jQuery, I am also familiar with LESS, TypeScript, Gulp and Webpack.

In my spare time I like to work on personal projects, contribute to open source projects I'm passionated about and release my own products, I also occationaly write blog posts about web development.

You can find a list of products I have released on my products page.

I have a fascination for information security, mainly web application security and reverse engineering of network protocols and games, I have an understanding of core networking concepts as well as some basic assembly language knowledge.