Freelance Project: Lomotif

Project Requirements

The client needed me to convert his design created in Photoshop into a fully responsive landing page website with a Smart banner app displaying only on iOS devices and integration with the Twilio API for sending text messages to users.

The page also had a few additional pages that had to be created(Blog, faq, about etc).


Project Result

The project did take longer than I expected  it to, as it was my first job on oDesk I am very greatful to the client for picking me from the plethora of applicants available.

The final product turned out beautiful, fully responsive and uses AJAX to send parameters to the Twilio API handling script without reloading or redirecting the user to another page, that’s the kind of simple and easy functionality that makes a website better for the visitor. :)

The website went through extensive testing on both mobile, desktop and tablets, and is fully compatible with browsers later than IE 7.

Here is a time-lapse of the initial markup that I wrote for the landing page, the music is something I created as well.

Client Feedback

Once the work was delivered and the contract was ended this is the feedback I got on oDesk.

Helge was excellent in every way. I was pleasantly surprised at his depth of knowledge, and his willingness to go the extra mile to get the project done right. I felt at ease while working with him, as I knew the web project was in safe and experienced hands!



  1. Great job with this one Helge, good to see you posting work as soon as it’s done. Adding the video is also great, many potential clients could see this and be impressed by your openness and obvious talent.

    Keep it up!

  2. Hey Helge,

    This is excellent. I have never used freelancing sites before and read your previous post and was wondering how long you had been on the site before you gained your first client?

    Also how did you record such a video? What software? I would love to do the same.


    Ben :)

    1. Thanks Ben :)

      Actually this was my first client on ODesk, I have had an account there for awhile before I started doing anything with it, but this was literally one of the first 5 jobs I bid on that I won.

      I also recorded this video with HyperCam 2 at a low framerate and speed it up about 16 times in Windows Movie Maker.

      I’d love to watch your videos if you decide to record one. :) keep me posted!

      1. Hey Helge,

        Thanks for commenting back. Wow actually your first that is great! May I ask how long did it take you to get the first job? I am curious on how it all works. Do you have a link to your profile?

        Thanks again for the comment and the link too. Might have make some videos at some point.


        Ben :)

        1. Thanks for replying :)

          Well I think I got an answer back within a few days after I bid on the job, the price was not the best in the world, but it I believe it’s ok to take some low paid jobs at first to build up your profile rating and stuff.

          My profile is here.

          It is all quite simple actually, an employer puts a job out, and a bunch of freelancers bid on the job and write their cover letter and answer a few questions, the employer will interview the contenders that s/he likes the most and will then find the perfect freelancer for his or her project.

          Make some videos mate :)
          It’s a great way to showcase your skills as well as entertain people.

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