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Ahh, finally a host that I am seriously happy about reviewing, when I sent the initial email to the MDDHosting sales team to clear up various stuff and ask them a couple of questions, I shit you not I got a response within 6 minutes, But first, a little backstory.

I moved from Hostgator( my hostgator review ) to MDDHosting due to Hostgator’s recent degradation beyond compare in support, speed and the fact that they fucking throw ads in my control panel is just fucking unacceptable, their prices might be low and their storage might be “unlimited”, but I need something that works, not a turd wrapped in shiny tin foil.



First of all is the speed, MDDHosting uses a web server called Litespeed, who claims that their software is up to 3 times faster than Apache, which I don’t really believe, except under bench-marking conditions and such, they are probably the same in real world scenarios, but I have seen an increase in site speed and page loading and it’s fully compatible with everything so, I don’t mind it.

Here are some speed test I did while i was on hostgator compared with after I moved to these guys.

Page load speed Measured with Pingdom Tools



Addon Domains!

With their lowest tier package, MDDHosting allow you to add “unlimited” addon accounts, this is a great thing for me as I host around 20 sites and like to be able to quickly throw up a site either temporarily or permanently without having to pay extra for it.

Because honestly, all an addon domain is is a dns entry and a virtual host in the web server software, easy peasy shit that doesnt neccesarily take any resources to do.

Thats one of the things I didnt like about hostgator, which I can only believe was a clever marketing move, was that to host multiple domains you had to buy their baby plan which is the second most expensive hosting plan.


Excellent Support

These guy’s support is kind of incredible, within 2 minutes of first emailing their sales team, I got an email back that pretty much answered all my questions, They were friendly and explain the process of moving my site from hostgator and how I would generate a full backup and all the stuff you need to know to successfully move several sites from one host to another.


Control Panel

To nobody’s suprise, MDDHosting uses the industry standard control panel that we all know and love; CPanel.

Here is a screenshot of it if you haven’t seen it before, they have not customized it to my knowledge and MDDHosting does not have ads in there unlike hostgator.

The only thing I want to nitpick on about the CPanel is that it’s usually common practice to give your users access to their CPanel through the subdomain, but MDDHosting has set it up so that you have to go to, which could get a little hard to remember, I’ve had to bookmark it, It’s a minor thing that you could obviously fix yourself by redirecting the subdomain cpanel to your CPanel login url, but it’s inconvenient.

It has come to my attention that by simply going to it will redirect me to the CPanel login page, and if you go to it redirects you to the webmail page, very convenient.

Installing an SSL by yourself

sll-1MDDHosting lets you install an SSL by yourself through their CPanel, and they do not charge for this ability, although you need to purchase a dedicated IP to use the SSL this is common and not an issue, all you have to do to install your SSL is to go into your CPanel.
Then click on SSL/TLS Manager and you will be presented with some options for generating, viewing, and editing your certificates… It’s an advanced feature and you kind of need to know how and what you need to generate and put inside of the text boxes, but it’s nice that the option is there fore people who know what they are doing, and don’t have to be charged to let their support staff handle it for them.



Their pricing is very good for the amount of support you get, at $6.38 / month for annual orders and $7.50 for monthly, it is a great alternative for those looking for seriously good support, great speed and fucking great value, I chose to order annually as it’s the most cost efficient for me as I plan on hosting my site indefinitely until I die and it’s not just a throwaway thing for me.

The Basic plan( $6.38 / month ) + a dedicated IP ($24 annually) costs me roughly 100 USD / year, which is cheaper than when I used Hostgator( I used to pay annually, but changed to monthly as I was contemplating to move my hosting).

Great value for a great price.


Whats Included?

Pretty much everything you need, you got the usual webmail(Roundcube, Squirrelmail or Horde), pop,imap and the ability to create “unlimited” email accounts, autoresponders and forwarder.

You get the classic CPanel, 5 GB storage(I’m hosting 10 sites and i have used half of that), 250 GB Bandwidth, unlimited mysql databases although you’re limited to 25 concurrent conncetions(Won’t be a problem for most people), servers running CloudLinux, SSH Access, PHP Version Selector,curl, imagemagick, gd graphics library and Automatic Daily Backups!

They’ve also got softaculous, which is great for installing wordpress and various other CMS’s very quickly :)

Great feature list.



You get a free webmail thingy with every email account that you create on your account, you can choose between 3 different webmail clients, namely

I like Roundcube the best as it looks the nicest and it just works, although at times it can appear to be a little bit slow due to all the fancy javascript and pretty graphics that it pulls in, if you are a speedfreak I’d recommend that you use SquirrelMail instead.


UPDATE: 01.08.2014

My sites was recently under a DDoS  attack that sent over 500.000 packets / second, that is never a nice thing to have happen to you as the hosting provider will have to de-route your IP and you pretty much have to wait until the attack stops.

Through all of this, Michael(the owner) from MDDHosting got in touch with me and explain what happened, as well as walked me through how to enable CloudFlare on my websites so that they would be available and I could continue working with whatever I was doing.

An hour later it was all updated and CloudFlare took over my domains and everything was working again.

Great way to handle a DDoS attack. MDDHosting knows their shit! :D


I spoke to the sales people a few minutes ago and got a 25% Off discount code for new customers!

25% DISCOUNT CODE: gv71t

Go to MDDHosting’s website.


  1. Nice review! It’s no surprise to me that yet another customer is happy with their service. In fact, I’ve yet to see a legit negative review of MDDHosting.. they’re just *that* awesome.

    1. Yeah, I heard from their owner Michael Denny that they do not use any form of advertising and that most of their customers signed up for their services due to word to mouth.
      I recently had a DDoS launched on my site (and unfortunately it spread to the entire server) and Michael kept in touch with me and updated me as well as gave me advice all the way through the attack.
      Great Service!

  2. Thanks for the useful and honest review Helge. I’m strongly considering move to MDDHosting as their support and service seems incredible from everything I’ve heard.

      1. Mostly WP sites. I switched from HG to StableHost but have found their support and speed isn’t good. Even with minimal traffic they are limiting my account and haven’t offered any solid advice on how to alleviate it. Typical stuff you’d hear from any other web hosting company.

        1. The main reason I switched from Hostgator was the incredible support I got from MDDHosting, they are always fast to respond to my tickets, and the response they give is actual helpful stuff, not copy pasted shit that you can get elsewere.

  3. I am not so sure about whether MDD Hosting is really all that great. I have used them as a Reseller Account for about 2 years now. Their speed of response can be SLOW. And let me tell you that I have been a webmaster for nearly 10 years now, so I know all about webhosts.

    Of course, they are fast for the SALES tickets…..

    If you have a major problem with your sites and you need them to restore backup ASAP, well….be prepared to wait maybe a couple of hours at the fastest. If the site gets few visitors, not so bad, but if the site is a heavy traffic site, then you till FEEL the frustration. LOL.

    1. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with MDDHosting, but I am starting to feel “locked in” due to it being in fact shared hosting, I want more freedom and I am considering moving my website to a VPS at either Digital Ocean or Linode and implement Continuous Integration(Jenkins) and Git deployment over there, both as an experiment and to improve my workflow, the old “upload files via ftp and overwrite stuff” is not cutting it anymore in the day of git, composer and all the other fantastic tools in our arsenal.

      Have you had any experience with any of the above?

  4. Why not upgrade your hosting to Reseller? At least that way, you get more control over your domains. Unless you are doing big projects all the time, I guess MDD should be quite ok for the time being.

    No, I do not have experiences with any of the above companies and I am sure they are quite pricey, but I did use a VPS once. That was in 2010-2011. Performance-wise, not much of a difference from Reseller hosting.

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