Timestamped Live Template “Todos” in PHPStorm

Sometimes when working on a web application we sometimes come across certain code that should be changed or we’ve half-implmented a feature and have to shift our focus on something else, and we often add a simple “// TODO: This field should be validated as an Email instead of String”-comment or something like that which gives a brief but concise explanation of what needs to be done to the code before we shift our focus to something else.

When writing these I like to put the date and my name, so that I and others on my team can get an idea of when the comment was made and who made it.


So let me walk you through the process of adding this type of comment in PHPStorm.

How to add Live Template in PHPStorm

Click on File -> Settings ( Ctrl + Alt + S)


Type live template in the search box to quickly be taken to the live template settings.

Click on the green plus icon to add a new live template



Write “todo” or whatever abbreviation you want to use into the Abbreviation text box.

Then write the following in the “Template text” box:  // TODO($date$) ~ Your Name:

Then click on Edit variables and write the following into the fields that appear.Screenshot_3


We then need to define the context (Which programming language this Live Template is available in), I use PHP and Javascript as they use the same syntax for comments.



Then click OK and Apply, we can now use this nippet in our code.


Results in:


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