Joomla Development


Joomla is a large, popular, open source, Content management system that is used by millions of websites, it can be used to build anything from small "simple" websites to much larger and more complex websites.


What Joomla development services can you offer?

I offer development, modification and maintainance of Joomla modules, plugin and components for internal use or for sale by third parties.

After extensive work on development of internal software based on the Joomla platform and integration between existing components and modules (namely RSForm! Pro and ProjectFork) I can jump straight into the task at hand and provide you with value.


Joomla Component Development

Components in Joomla can be seen as "mini applications" within Joomla, components usually come with both a frontend and a backend for easy administration and management.


Joomla Module Development

A module in Joomla can be seen of as a "widget" type of extension that you can place almost anywhere in your website and it will sit there and "do it's thing", if you've ever used WordPress, it's sort of like a widget you put in your sidebar, but on steroids.

A good example of a Joomla Module would be a simple contact form, calendar, or a twitter feed.

Modules in joomla are a great way to simply plug some functionality into the site and have it "just work".


Joomla Plugin Development

In any Joomla module, component or even in the core CMS itself, there are ways to add "hooks" into the application that will trigger an "event" whenever a certain action is performed, an example of this would be if you had a contact form, and the developer had created an "event" for when the form is submitted and before the email is sent.

A Joomla developer such as myself could then "hook" into that event and either manipulate the data before it is being sent, or store the data elsewhere for your convenience, plugins are a very convenient way to extend a module or component functionality, granted that it supports it.



To contact me for a quote/estimate please use my contact form.

Note: I don't provide web design or theme creation services.